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Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Pond full of hungry fish!

I fed the fish in the pond the today.   It's full of catfish and some gold fish that are swimming around in schools.  The gold fish stay well hidden as they would a nice snack for a large catfish.    The main purpose of the pond is too provide nutrient rich water for the orchard and garden.   Its also adds to the ambiance of the orchard.     Here are some images of the catfish swimming around engulfing the food.   They are quite large - over a foot long.   There are also smaller ones who will take a piece of food and dive down - probably because they would  make a nice snack for a white egret who likes to hang around the pond.   The bigger ones must be safe just swimming on the surface with their mouth wide open.    If your asking - can I catch them? - - the answer from the owner is a big NO!.  They are her pets!