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Monday, September 8, 2014

Florist - Heck No!

People are asking if I am growing all these flowers because I like flowers.    Flowers are nice too look at, but I am growing these bulbs, plants, rhizomes, etc to sell the bulbs or rhizomes.   Flowers are a by product.   The person who is letting me use her farm appreciates the flowers so I will leave a bouquet on her outdoor kitchen table by her house.     I actually need to remove the flowers because I don't want the plant wasting energy on seeds, but instead need the plant to fatten up the bulb, tuber, or rhizome.     Here is a picture of the arrangement that I left on her table.   I didn't put any effort into nor am I good an arranging flowers.   I just stuck them in the vase and left them there.   She has a covered outdoor kitchen.  There is a fireplace in one corner, and grill and a stove for baking during the summer to avoid heating up the kitchen.