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Monday, September 8, 2014

RAIN - Finally - Thanks To Hurricane Norbert.

We received some rain yesterday.    We haven't received any rain since February and we are in the midst of a severe drought.    We had flash floor warnings and the rain lived up to the warning.  We got off the freeway and there was a river of water running down the overpass - 2-3 feet deep.   Here is a picture of the river on the overpass.   We were afraid the car was going to stall so we got off that street/overpass quickly.
 Here are the storm clouds over the Santa Ana River bottom which is at the end of the farm.   That tallest mountain in the distance is Mount Baldy.   Its nice to see some clouds for a change.   Here in Southern California, its Sunny every day with few clouds,   The change of weather was nice, but heard some people got flooded out and cars stuck in high water.   The same system moved to Arizona and reaked havoc.    It was caused by Hurricane Norbert in Mexico