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Friday, May 16, 2014

Rabbit fence!

I have been warned about numerous critters on the property that I am growing my flowers and plants.   I planted some tomato plants and noticed a couple were chewed down.    I decided to fence in the entire section that it available for my use.    I looked at many choices and decided against chicken wire.  I think it looks crappy and the owners like everything to have a "gentleman farmer" look.  I found a shorter fence called rabbit fencing.  Its narrow at the bottom - and wider at the top.  Here are some pictures of the installed fence.  A 50 foot roll is 25-26.00 at Lowes.   There is also a picture of my parents taking a break by the pond afterwards.  We started early and stopped at 11:00am to avoid the 100+ degree heat expected today.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Filling the 1st Raised Bed - A dent in the pile of planting mix.

I filled the first raised bed with the planting mix from Growers choice in Menifee CA.   There is a lot of organic matter in the planting mix and the water drains through it so quickly, so I bought some bags of topsoil with has some loam and sand in it to give the planter mix some substance.   The topsoil is from CPS (crop production services) in Riverside CA.    There is a picture of the bed - filled, the pile, and bags of the topsoil.

Planted Tomatoes - Aquaculture watering.

I planted 54 tomato plants at my new garden spot.  There is plenty of room - so I am planting my extra tomato plants there.   There is a fish pond there and once a week, the owner pumps water from the bottom and waters her orchard and there is a drain pipe by my tomato plants so I dug furrows between the plants.  Its an ingenious method watering.  Rather than use fresh water to water the plants.  she pulled the fish water out of the pond and its full of nutrients.  She then adds the fresh water to the pond to keep the water clean.   Its an great way to water using a form of aquaculture.  Here are some pictures of the fish pond along with the uptake watering pipe, and the tomatoes with the watering furrows.

Friday, May 9, 2014

To Fish or work on my Garden?

There is a really nice pond on the land that I am using for my raised beds.   Its surrounded by a lush lawn, and is 9 feet deep, and full of fish.     So the dilemma  is - work on my plants,  take a nap on the nearby lawn - or go fishing.   If I go near the pond with a fishing pole,  The owner will let me have it with the pellet gun that she uses to shoot the gophers.   L... - if your reading this - don't worry, your fish are safe.    She stated they were her pets and she doesn't fish.  I don't have the patience for fishing anyway.   But, it makes for a beautiful backdrop while I am working there.   Here are some pictures of the surrounding scenery.

A Big Pile of Dirt!

I received a load of planting mix at the my new location today.     This dirt was purchased from Growers choice in Perris Valley, CA.     Its a nice load of dirt, and their is a lot of organic material in the soil.  They charge $27.00 for 1 cubic yard which will fill the bed of a small pickup.   The pile in the pictures is 8 cubic yards and will fill 6-7 of my raised beds.  One pictures shows my ranger beside the pile to give you a reference point showing how big the pile is.   I will be adding some topsoil to it as I place it in my beds.     Their is an old saying - "if you spend a dollar on seeds or plants,  spend $10.00 on soil".   Good loamy, nutrient rich soil will help plants ward off insects and diseases, so you don't have to use pesticides or herbicides. Their address and phone number is Growers Choice

30510 Murrieta Rd, Perris Valley, CA 92584
(951) 246-1492

Donation to Tequesquite Community Garden at Ryan Bonaminio Park in Riverside

I donated around 150 tomato plants that were left over to the Tequesquite Community Garden at the brand new Ryan Bonaminio Park.   They were left over plants that I didn't sell and didn't want to toss them.  I also donated a similar amount to the Riverside Community College community garden.   We helped plant the tomatoes at the Tequesquite community garden and helped install a drip irrigation system the next day.   Here are some pictures of the rows of tomato plants with the irrigation system installed.   They were planted in the "community" portion of the garden where anyone can pick them.  Their plan is to have 200 plants and donate the tomatoes to local food banks and churches for their hot meals programs.  This community garden is a little over a year old and appears to be doing well.

Friday, May 2, 2014

A New Home

I promised some pictures of where I am relocating my nursery.  I wish I would have found this place first, but better later than never.  Its like nirvana compared to my other place which is basically an empty lot in the middle of nowhere.   I have set up 4 beds and will receive a load of planter mix today.    Here are some of the pictures.  Their is a orchard and a pond on the property.  I cannot reveal the location because the owner doesn't like people to know about it.

Annual Plant Sale - Successful

My Annual plant sale was a success.  I sold mostly tomato plants, along with beans, melons, and cucumbers.  I sold over 600 plants  between Saturday and Sunday.  Thanks to those of you who purchased my plants.   Hopefully I will have some repeat customers for next years sale.   The left over plants were donated to a couple community gardens in the area.