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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Fruits of my labor!

I cut my first watermelon of the season.   I have some others but donated them to my neighbors.   This is the first one that I designated for my household.   I always dread cutting open a melon because you never know if your going to get a nice red melon or one that's yellow and under-ripe.  I was pretty sure this was ripe. There was a nice yellow spot on the bottom which usually means it has been sitting long enough to ripen.  To my pleasant surprise, this one was nice and red and looked perfectly ripe.   Sure enough, it was sweet.  Brought back memories of childhood when cutting a melon was a wonderful thing.   This variety is California sweet which is a variety that does well in the inland empire (area of Southern California - between Los Angeles  and Palm springs)  Its low desert where the summers get warm and you get cool nights.  
Here are some pictures of the cut melon.