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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Scary Looking Bug!

My garden is full of these scary looking bugs.   There is at least one on each plant and one leaf had two types of bugs on it.    Some of you may recognize these bugs, and laugh when I say I was concerned that my garden was infested with some bugs that will eat everything up.  I put some in a baggie and hauled them down to the agricultural supply store to have them tell me what I have and how to get rid of them.     They laughed at me and told me there were lady bug larvae.    When I told him they were everywhere, he said I was lucky.    I don't use pesticides and working towards becoming organic so this is the benefit.   Here are some pictures of the "dreaded bugs".  The second one shows both stages on the same leaf.  The last one is a display of the life cycle of the ladybug I found on the internet.