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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Guess what this was used for!

There is a small shed with this piece of equipment  - its in good shape, but doesn't look like it has been used for quite awhile.   I will post the pictures and at the bottom, there will be a picture of the tree with the fruit that this equipment was used for.

Here is a picture of the tree!  

Those are walnuts -  This was once a working Walnut orchard.  Most of the walnut trees were removed, but there are a few left.   The walnuts have a green husk - that needs to be removed.  That's what the machine was.  Its a walnut husker.   Not sure how it worked, but looks like the walnut would feed though something that ground the husk off, then dump into a roller which separates the husks from the walnuts.