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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chick taking selfies. Cute chicks can't help themselves in front of a camera

Here is a picture of one my baby silver laced wyandotte chicks taking a selfie.   This picture was taken by my farm hand, Sarrah Lavergne.   She has taken the role of mother hen, as you can see by the picture of her sitting with "her" chicks

The Baby Chicks have arrived!

A Farm isn't a real farm unless you have chickens.   My baby chicks have arrived!   I ordered them from Murray McMurray hatchery in Webster Iowa.     I ordered 25 silver laced wyandotte pullets.  I chose this breed because they are very calm in nature, and good layers of brown eggs.   Here is a picture of some adults.   They are a conservation breed and are recovering.

Here are pictures of the box, and pictures of the baby chicks in the shipping box.   They were shipped priority mail through the USPS.   If your wondering how baby chicks can be mailed, its quite common actually.   When a baby chick hatches it sucks the egg yolk up just before it hatches.   This provides food for 2-3 days.   This is mother natures way of giving the baby chick a head start in case it has difficulty finding food for the first couple days.   This allows them to spend two days in transit.   They will require a minimum order of 25 chicks to help keep each other warm.

Here is the box that they arrived in along with a picture of our corgi who isn't sure what to make of the box.

Here are images of the chicks in their brooder area   They need to be kept very warm - at 95 degrees the first week.