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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Red Racer, Red Racer, where are you racing off to?

I came across a decent size red racer snake today that was high tailing it to a stand of four o clocks.     Red Racers are a non venomous snake native to the southwest and california.    The adults will feed on small mice, birds, snakes, lizards, and other small animals.   A adult will reach about 36 inches.      This one has a small rodent in its mouth, as it was racing for cover.  It got stuck in the fence, but quickly wiggled free and disappeared into the brush.    Here is a picture of the snake right after it wiggled itself from the fence.  

This snake is also sometimes called the coach whip snake because the tail looks like a braided whip.   Here is a picture of a Red Racer and you can clearly see its tail.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cooler to become a Mini - food hub

I desperately need a cooler.   Since I have no way to store my produce until its sold - a lot of it become over ripe or goes bad while still on the plant.   If I had a cooler, I would be able to pick it when its ready  and store for a couple days until needed or sold.

I have a couple restaurants who also purchase from me and I cannot supply produce for their entire menu.  My plan is to buy what I can't grow from other local farms and then provide a one stop shop for chef's and restaurant owners.    A cooler is required to store the produce until its sold

I have applied for a Kiva Zip loan which is a crowd sourcing interest free loan.   In order to be allowed access to the entire network of 50,000 plus lenders,  they require me to find 25 friends, family, and business associates to make a loan through the kiva zip website first as a sign of community support before they will release it.     If you interested in helping a local start up farm, please click on the link to lend  -

Thank You for your support!