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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Planting Update

I planted some Peppermint swiss chard.  Its the only swiss chard with two colors on its stems.  The tops are pure white with reddish pink streaks going down the stalk to the base.
The seeds look like beet seeds - so they must in a similar family.

This is what the full grown plant looks like

I also planted some Tall Utah 52/70 celery.   This a tall green celery that does well in all environments, but it needs to mature in cooler weather such as fall in colder parts of the country or winter time in the warmer southern parts of the county.

The grow light stand is now full with 12 trays of seeds.  Some of the varieties are starting to sprout after 3 days.   The fast germination is due to the propagation mats that was the soil to 72 -75 degrees with speeds up the germination.