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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gentleman Farmer Look!

The owner of the property that I am utilizing to grow flower bulbs and vegetables has a really nice looking property.  Some of the buildings have a rustic look and others are newer buildings that are well kept. She calls it the "gentleman farmer look".    That is probably hard to define, but it works in this case.  Here are some pictures of the buildings and sheds.
Heres a old grain silo.  Not sure if it was ever used before.

 This is a picnic area - nice place to take a break and rest in the shade.

 Here's a fence with some old antiques on display.
 Here are some of the sheds that are used for storage.
 Another view of the rustic storage sheds

 A covered car port with an antique golf cart -(covered)
 Another rustic storage shed.
 A small house where the grounds keeper lives.
The saddle shed -