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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Grapefruit Picking Party

We had a grapefruit picking party today.   There are 2-3 years worth of fruit on the grapefruit on the trees which is hard on tree so it needs to be picked asap.     I am going to start growing vegetables and some may go to the Riverside Food Cooperative which is a group of consumers interested in buying locally grown produce.   Some directors and members of the COOP contacted me about donating some of the grapefruit to some local charities and food banks.   Along with their help, we picked a bunch today for donation.      Their website is if your in the inland empire and want to join.
Here are some of the pictures:   We stopped at 12:30 - as it was getting very warm.  Supposed to be in the 90's today

Jorge in the tree - getting the harder to reach grapefruit - in flip flops.

Nick M - the secretary of the COOP - working up a sweat.

Duane, Jorge and Maune chatting and working

The "fruits of our labor!

Jorge and Maune