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Monday, October 20, 2014

Iris Planting - Blue Icing Bearded Iris

I planted 100 blue icing bearded irises this morning.  The weather is getting cooler and more typical of fall finally.   The rhizomes are size 2 and 3 which are small, about the size a finger.   They probably won't bloom for a year but that's fine as I am growing them out to re-sell some of them.

I prepared the bed - adding about 1/3rd compost and some bone meal.  They will be there for a year or longer - so the extra effort in adding compost is well worth it.   They are also in raised beds as the pond water will run between the rows to water them.

Here is a picture of the prepared bed.

Here are all the iris rhizomes ready to be planted

Here is the bed planted - I planted two rows in the hill - side by side

Here is a picture of  blue icing in full bloom