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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Vegetable Rows - Planning Stages

I spent them morning laying out my rows of vegetables.  They are 50 foot long because that is how long the plastic mulch rows are.   I am going to use plastic mulch with low pressure watering lines in the rows.   This will cut down on weeds and also help lower my water use as the soil will stay wet longer.
I am using Jean Martin Fortier's garden layout recommendations in his book - The market Gardener.

I am spacing the rows 21 inches apart which is enough room to use my dump wagon or wheel barrow to push down the row, and also enough room to kneel comfortably.

Here are pictures of the rows all staked out with string.  I will remove the stakes and string after I add compost and till up the rows.   Yes - they are a little crooked.   Duane was helping lay out the rows along with our garden mascot - our corgie.