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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Planting Update - Unipack 12 Spinach and Longstanding Bloomsdale Spinach

I planted my first spinach seeds for the season today.  I planted unipack 12 which has round dark green leaves and is a slow bolting spinach.   I should have spinach to pick in 48-50 days.   I am starting the seeds in plugs and will transplant into large pots or directly in the ground.

The second variety that I planted is Longstanding bloomsdale spinach.  This is a old variety that had dark green savoyed leaves and is a highly productive variety of spinach.   Spinach required cold soil to germinate  - around 40 degrees.  It isn't getting that cold here yet - but gets down to the 50's at night so hopefully - I can get it to germinate.