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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Barn Own Nest Box Arrived

I received the barn owl next box that I ordered a couple days ago.   First of all, I am surprised how big it is.   I am excited to get it installed.   The pocket gophers are wreaking havoc on my bulbs.  Even though I lined the bottom of the beds, they are climbing over and are still in the raised beds.   According to the instructions,  It needs to be installed on a 8 foot pole.     I was told there used to be barn owls that nested in some of the dead walnut trees, but they never came back.  I decided to call the manufacturer of these boxes who assured me there are barn owls around, but if they nested in a tree, the racoons probably disturbed them or worse, got the babies or eggs.  If the next was unsuccessful, they won't return again to that spot to nest.   Here it is in my house.