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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Profitable Urban Farming Workshop: San Diego, November 15 & 16

I attended this workshop this weekend and just returned.   There was a fee for this - but it was worth every penny.   He explained in great detail - how to find a location, prepare it, pick the items you grow and keep records.   He also talked about his mistakes in great detail which will help anyone who wants to start this type of project.   He will be offering the same seminar in Long Beach in February so if anyone is close to LA,   its well worth the trip.    He was friendly and very patient, taking the time to answer questions.
I have learned some things that I am going to change immediately, such as the size of my rows.   Curtis recommends 30" rows for the simple reason that you can straddle them and also its easier to plant, harvest, till, etc.    My rows are 4 feet rows - but since I haven't tilled yet - I can make that change.   He also recommended tilling once, then adding the compost, but as you will see in the pictures below,  I have spread 2-3 inches of compost on the rows.  I will need to realign the rows and must rake some compost around.   I will have to bypass the first tilling without compost, but will make the change.   The rows are 50 feet long.   There is probably enough room allowing a 18 inch  walkway for 25-28 rows.   I probably won't start that many rows.    It used to be a horse corral so the soil is fairly decent.

Here are the pictures of the rows.  I started tilling but decided to water over the weekend.  The tiller wasn't going deep enough and working too hard.    As you can see,  I will have an audience from the neighboring houses.   I  owner of the house directly ahead already was standing on this shed, asking what I was doing. so I explained my plan and he seemed excited about it.