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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast for the critters at Fox Farm

I prepared my first row of vegetables yesterday.   I prepared the row by forming it in a mound, then placing a flora flow watering mat on the row.   The flora flow is a plastic mulch with a low drip irrigation line already in the mat.   There are also pre-punched holes to place the plants.    The mat is 4 feet wide - and you cover the sides with dirt to keep the wind from getting under the mat.  
I planted about napa cabbage plants yesterday.    I was shocked to see each plant was chewed down to the stem either by rabbits or ground squirrels.   Not a single plant was spared.   All my work became a Thanksgiving salad bar.     Here are some pictures of the rows with the Flora Flow mats in place and after I planted the cabbage plants.