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Monday, November 3, 2014

Compost - by the truckload

I received a load of compost today.  Since I will be growing organically,  compost is the only real way to improve your soil and fertilize without adding chemical fertilizers.   The soil in the area that I am expanding too is fairly good, but I adding compost will increase my yields.  
I purchased 6 yards which is about 6 pickup loads full.  I paid 20.00 a yard which is much cheaper than buying bags for 5-8.00 at home depot or a garden supply store.   There is a 75.00 delivery fee.  
I purchased it from Growers Choice in Menifee CA.  
It looks really rich and was still a little warm.  He commented that they have been adding coffee to the compost as they get a lot of coffee grounds from a supplier.   It did have a slight coffee smell.
I will be spreading 2-3 inches on top of the ground in each row then tilling it in.  
Here are some picture of the compost.  One of it in the truck,  the pile after he dumped it - and a close up of the compost.