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Monday, November 17, 2014

Troubled Tree - Scale on a Jacaranda.

There is a Jacaranda tree on the property but I haven't really paid any attention to it as I don't care for Jacaranda trees.   I think they are messy and really don't offer much shade.  Since it isn't a fruit or nut tree,  I have really inspected it closely.   Today I glanced up at a couple low hanging branches and was astonished by the amount of scale on the branches.   They are very large scale also and they seem to be on every single young branch.  This much parasitic action on a tree has to be stressing it out - but it appears healthy.  Here is a picture of some of the branches.  You can see how infested the tree is.  Scale is a type of parasite that attaches to the branch and sucks nutrients from the tree.   It develops a hard shell for protection.   Ants will also farm and protect scale.  It looks really nasty.