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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Transplanting Celery and Broccoli!

I finished off the 2nd row with some celery and broccoli seedlings.   The celery is Utah tall celery and the broccoli is gypsy broccoli.     I plant all the vegetables under insect netting for a couple reasons.  I have a horrible rabbit problem - and they can wipe out an entire row of starts in one night.  It will also keep the insects such as the cabbage moth from laying eggs on the plants so I shouldn't have a problem with cabbage worms.    The owner will not allow me to use any pesticides on the property which is fine, I would prefer to grow organic.  

Here are a couple pictures of the starts - the plants in the foreground are broccoli and farther down are celery.   I have never grown celery before so I will be curious to see how it does.    The final picture is 2 full rows and you can see where I tilled the next row to start a 3rd row.