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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Planting 2nd Row of Vegetables!

We started planting the 2nd row of vegetables - which are mostly cabbages in that row.    I am covering this row the same way I covered the 1st row.   I am going through this trouble for a couple reasons.   There are a lot of rabbits in the orchard and they can mow an entire row of seedlings down in one night.   The second reason is too keep the cabbage moths from laying their eggs on the plants which will grow into caterpillars which can ravage the plants.  I can't sell heads of cabbage that are full of worm holes.     Duane is tilling additional rows with our corgi - Lucy following him.  Nick from the Riverside Food Coop volunteered to come and help plant and I took him up on that.    He was planting red cabbage seedlings.