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Monday, January 5, 2015

Planting Brussels Sprouts

I planted 155 Brussels sprouts plants today on my farm.   The variety is Jade Cross.  I have never grown brussels sprouts before so will see how well they grow   They were planted in a 3 foot wide row in flor flow self watering ground cover.  Its a plastic mulch with a low drip line built in with pre punched holes - 3 one each side of the drip line.    The row is 50 feet long, but the brussels sprouts maybe filled 1/3rd of the row.   I then covered the row with insect netting to keep the cabbage worms out and also protect the seedlings from varmints which love to mow down my seedlings as I plant them.   Here are some pictures of the seedlings in the row and finally - covered up.  The white pipes are used to support the netting and give the plants room to grow.