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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rebuilding the Orchard

My orchard need to have 75 fruit or nut trees to keep my agriculture water meter which gives me a break on the water cost.    I am missing 4 trees because they have died.   I planted the first replacement tree today.  I chose a Anna Apple tree because it has a low chill requirement.

Anna Apple Tree is an Israeli selection with a remarkably low chill requirement. It is large and has light greenish-yellow skin with a slight red blush. The Anna Apple fruit is sweet, slightly tart, crisp with a creamy white flesh. Anna Apples are a good southern choice for fresh eating, apple sauce, or homemade pies. The trees produce at an early age and the fruit stores very well. Anna Apple trees need only 200-300 chill hours to produce delicious apple that ripen in late June. Pollinator required. Ein Shemer and Dorsett Golden are perfect pollinators for the Anna Apple tree.
Grows in zones: 6 - 9

I will need to plant another - tree as a pollinator.    

I dug a hole - and mixed some compost in with the soil - then covered the roots - making sure that I didn't plant the tree any deeper than it was originally planted making sure the the bud graft is above the soil.