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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Planting Daffodils

I received a 1000 mixed daffodil bulbs.   I ordered them from one of my suppliers for $100.00 - which is really a great price.  There were closing out their inventory because most parts of the country are way past daffodil planting time.    I can plant them up until the end of February and they will do fine because of the cool nights in my planting zone in Southern California.  
I amended the soil heavily with compost and some bone meal.  I had to pick out all the Nut Grass rhizomes (see my post on Nut grass war) and then planted the bulbs about 5-6 inches deep and about the same distance apart.  I planted two rows in each raised row.  Since the ground doesn't freeze here,  you can stagger the planting so you will have a continuous blooms.  
Here are pictures of the bulbs,  the rows with bulbs planted and finally - the planted room.  The rows are raised because I flood the furrows between the rows with water from the pond.