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Monday, October 5, 2015

What to do with the channel catfish in the pond!

There are channel catfish and goldfish in the pond.   The failure of the pond pump and the possibility that the fish may die due to lack of circulation.    We originally were going to keep the goldfish and put them in a tank while we drained the pond and them put them back in.    There was also the mystery of how many catfish were actually in the pond.   The owner of the land and pond decided to give the catfish away.  I am happy to hear that because I would like to have a pond with plants, small fish, frogs, lillies, lotuses.   That isn't possible with catfish as they eat everything.

Heres a picture of the channel catfish.

She found a company that runs a couple catch and release fishing ponds so they arrived to catch the catfish in the pond
Here are pictures of them dragging a net through the pond.

They drug the net through the pond 4 times and only caught 7 catfish.   The was very puzzling because we believed there were more catfish in the pond.

They left and we figured we would find more as we continued to drain the pond.