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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cleaning The Pond - Muck, Muck and more Muck

Once we drained all the water, we were faced with 4 feet of muck on the bottom.   This was fish waste, dead fish, muds, and all kinds of awful odors.   Unfortunately,  there isn't a pump that will remove mud.   We had to shovel it into buckets, carry it up to the top of the pond, and dump it into a wheelbarrow.    We dumped the mud in the flower bulb portion and along some of the fruit trees.    It was a time consuming a smelly process.

Here are pictures of the workers with the buckets and the final resting place of the muck.   There is one picture of me standing in the muck.   We had to be very careful with shovels so we didn't poke a hole in the liner.