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Friday, October 2, 2015

Draining the Catfish Pond - Day 1

There is a pond on the farm that is stocked with channel catfish.   We use the water from the pond to irrigate the trees.   This is a great way to irrigate the fruit trees along with providing nutrients from the fish waste.   Unfortunately, the pump used to circulate and aerate the water stopped working.  It appears the intake at the bottom of the pond is plugged up.    The pond is about 12 feet deep at the deepest part where the intake is located.   The water has also been very muddy and dirty looking lately.   We decided the only way to fix it was to empty the pond, clean it out and start all over with clean water.  
We rented a 2 inch pump and started pumping the water into the tree furrows and other parts of the farm.

Here are images of the pond after pumping for 1 day.