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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring is Here - March Flowers

A lot of the fruit and nut trees are flowering right now.  The unseasonably warm weather (high 80's) the last few weeks have sped up the flowering process on a lot of the trees.  I took pictures of all the trees and other plants that are flowering right now.

Here is the nectarine tree flowering

Here is the Walnut tree flowering.  They are rather wierd looking flowers - but they are flowers with the specific purpose of creating walnuts.

Another nut tree - The Macadamia Nut tree is also blooming.  They are little nicer than the walnut, but still a unusual flower.

The plum tree - one of 2 on the property is also blooming -

The pomegranate tree is also blooming with its distinct red flowers
The avocado tree is also blooming. They are rather ugly flowers, but will produce a valuable fruit.
The Grapefruit trees are in full bloom also.  As you can see, last years fruit is still on the trees and need to be removed as its hard on the tree to produce the new fruit while still maintaining last years fruit.

Finally, some of my irises are blooming also.  The bearded iris is Epicenter the the yellow dutch iris is golden Beauty.