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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Propagating Oriental Lilies

I am experimenting with Oriental Lily propagation.    I received some oriental lily bulbs last summer and decided to remove some of the scales to reproduce some bulbs.   I took of 3-5 scales per bulb - then planted them.   The scales were placed in damp peat moss and placed in a bag.   I stored them in  the basement where the furnace is located so it was a warm spot.  They should also be stored in the dark.     Here is a picture of a oriental lily bulb and also the scales after removing them from the mother bulb.  I didn't take these pictures last summer when I completed this task, so these are stock photos from the internet

I would check the bags regularly and add water too keep the peat moist.    I opened the bag up this month and was pleasantly surprised by 2-4 bulblets on each scale.        Here are pictures of my bulblets and also the scale which has dried up to almost nothing.    The bulblets all have nice roots and some are starting to sprout shoots.  These should be big enough to bloom in about 2 years.