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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Raspberry, Strawberry, and Tomato planting Event

The event today at Fox Farm was a great success.

I think there were around 50 people there today.
Half of the group were master gardeners or master gardener trainees.   The rest were residents of Riverside who belonged the Wood Streets Green Team, Grow Riverside, The Riverside Food Coop, and Tesquesquite Community Garden.    Thank you to everyone who helped plant.  I appreciated the help.
We spoke about the need to protect properties like this farm from development.  

We also spoke about the Riverside Food Coop - and here is there web site if you like more information and would like to join.  its

We also spoke about Grow Riverside and that movement that has been supported and developed by the City of Riverside to make agricultural and viable economic engine.
Their website is

We started planting at 10am and by 11:15 or so - we were finished.   We planted 60 Raspberries.   The varieties we planted were Red Latham and Heritage.

Here's a picture of the plants.

We also planted 450 Strawberry Plants.   We planted Quinalt, Fort Laramie, and Eclair strawberries.   They are all everbearing varieties.      They were all bare root strawberry plants.    Here's a picture of the plants.

 We also planted 800 Tomato Plants.   75% of them were heirloom and the remaining plants were standard varieties.      Here are some pictures of the rows.   We planted 4 - 50 foot rows and 1 - 100 foot row of tomatoes.