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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Raspberry, Strawberry, and Tomato planting workshop - images

We held a planting workshop and volunteer event on Saturday.   There were around 50 people in attendance including master gardeners.   The event went very well and it actually only took us a hour to plants 800 tomato plants,  450 strawberry plants, and 60 raspberry plants.

Here are images of the event.

People were waiting in front of the property waiting to be escorted.   Note the ladies with work aprons and bags and boxes of tools.  The master gardeners who attended brought their own tools.
The owner of the property where the farm is located doesn't want people walking around unattended so we had to escort them back in small groups as they arrived.

We had a brief session where different speakers spoke about the importance of protecting urban farms and their importance on local food security.  
We also spoke about the Riverside Food Cooperative and they signed up 3 new members/coop owners as they move towards their goal of opening a store in Riverside the sells locally grown produce and fruit.
We also spoke about Grow Riverside and the ground breaking work that group is doing in the city to protect and develop agriculture as an economic engine in Riverside.

Here is a picture of the Master Gardeners who were there to assist in the planting.

Let the planting begin.  With all the help, it only took a hour or so.  We then had a light lunch of sandwiches, potato salad, and macaroni salad under the shade of the pepper tree.