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Monday, May 12, 2014

Planted Tomatoes - Aquaculture watering.

I planted 54 tomato plants at my new garden spot.  There is plenty of room - so I am planting my extra tomato plants there.   There is a fish pond there and once a week, the owner pumps water from the bottom and waters her orchard and there is a drain pipe by my tomato plants so I dug furrows between the plants.  Its an ingenious method watering.  Rather than use fresh water to water the plants.  she pulled the fish water out of the pond and its full of nutrients.  She then adds the fresh water to the pond to keep the water clean.   Its an great way to water using a form of aquaculture.  Here are some pictures of the fish pond along with the uptake watering pipe, and the tomatoes with the watering furrows.