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Friday, May 9, 2014

Donation to Tequesquite Community Garden at Ryan Bonaminio Park in Riverside

I donated around 150 tomato plants that were left over to the Tequesquite Community Garden at the brand new Ryan Bonaminio Park.   They were left over plants that I didn't sell and didn't want to toss them.  I also donated a similar amount to the Riverside Community College community garden.   We helped plant the tomatoes at the Tequesquite community garden and helped install a drip irrigation system the next day.   Here are some pictures of the rows of tomato plants with the irrigation system installed.   They were planted in the "community" portion of the garden where anyone can pick them.  Their plan is to have 200 plants and donate the tomatoes to local food banks and churches for their hot meals programs.  This community garden is a little over a year old and appears to be doing well.