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Monday, March 3, 2014

Ranunculus are sprouting!

Ranunculus or buttercups are they are commonly called are easy to grow - with some care  Mine are starting to sprout.  They like well drained soil as it they sit in soil that is too damp, they will rot after blooming or before blooming.   Plant 2 inches deep with little feet pointing down and about 3-4 inches apart.   The are prolific bloomers and will also last up to 7 days as a cut flower.   Cutting them will encourage more blooms.  You will be amazed at the number of blooms will come from one bulb.     If you are ever near San Diego, visit the flower field off the 5 Interstate in Carlsbad.  Its rolling hills of different colors flowers.  They are Ranunculus flowers.   Below is a picture of mine sprouting and some pictures of the flowers and the Carlsbad Flower Fields.