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Monday, March 3, 2014

A bed of Dutch Iris

The dutch iris I planted a couple weeks ago are all sprouting -  It looks like a lot of them will come.  Will give a nice floral display.  They are easy to grow - and are favorites for people who like to grow cut flowers. They do well in areas where it stays above freezing in the wintertime, but will also go dormant in the cold areas and bloom in the late spring.  Plant them 3-4 inches deep - with pointed end up - and 3-4 inches apart from each other.   They will reproduce and grow baby bulbs beside the mother bulb.  You may need to dig up every so often to separate them.   They will grow the flowers on a long step that you can cut just as it's starting to open and will bloom nicely in a vase.   There is a nice variety of colors available with purple, white, or yellow being the most common.   Like most bulbs - they will like well drained soil with some bone meal and compost added.   I have added some pictures showing the typical colors and the blossom form with standards and falls along with my bed or irises sprouting.   The bulbs I purchased are mixed colors.