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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Planting Portulaca or Moss Roses Seeds!

I planted some portulaca or moss roses as they are commonly know seeds today.   I planted Tequila Mix which is a mix of bright colors.      I planted multi-seed pellets which is a clay pellet that contain 2-4 seeds.  The seeds are so very small - this is a much easier way to plant them.

I chose 288 cell plug trays - which are much smaller cells - which work perfectly for small seedlings such as petunias and portulaca.   When you plant multi-seed pellets - only plant one per cell or you will have to thin out a lot of plants which is a waste of money - and time.  

When you are finished placing a pellet in each cell,  cover lightly with vermiculite or planting mix - making sure its a fine layer.  The pellet all provides some covering for the seed, so keep this in mind so you don't cover them too much and they won't sprout.  After that, I place plastic dome on top to keep the soil moist and place under the grow lights on top of a heated mat.   They need light to sprout.