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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tree's Full of Fruit! - Orchard update

The trees in the orchard are all carrying fruit as we move into summer.  Some are more productive than others.   Some of the older trees are showing their age - in lack of production.    Here is a photo tour off all the types of fruit in my orchard.

Here is the apple tree.  Although I planted a couple trees this winter,  this is the only one that is bearing fruit.

Black walnut -  The orchard was a walnut farm in the 1930's.    This is one of the few original trees that are left.    Its an old tree but still produces quite a few walnuts.

Blackberry -  Here is a blackberry bush - that is growing on the property.   There are quite a few of them that are ripe.

Mandarin orange.   This is the only Mandarin orange in the orchard, but its very productive and is loaded with fruit.   This is the type of fruit that is also sold as the cuties in the grocery stores.

Strawberries - These are the strawberries that we planted a couple months ago. The fruit is small, but will be bigger next year.

Apricot - This apricot tree is an older tree and production has dropped off dramatically.  There are a few apricots on the tree, but not enough to justify the water used to keep it alive and it may be time to replace it with a younger tree.   They are ripe and they taste very sweet.

There are 4 avocado trees on the property and this one has quite a few baby avocados on it.   I am not a fan of Avocados but they are a great cash crop and very popular.

Fig- Here are some figs on the tree.  There are 3 fig trees and they are generally very productive.  
They mature at different times, so it will produce all summer.  There is a large one and some younger smaller figs.

Here are some oranges that are growing nicely.   There are 4 orange trees on the property.  Two aren't producing that well and others are producing nicely.
This is one of the peach trees on the property.   This is one of 4 peach trees.   They fruit is still young and green, but the biggest problem is that as the fruit ripens, its a favorite of the squirrels.

Plum - this a tree with some plums that are still green.   There are 3 plum trees in the orchard.

Pomegranate -   There are a couple pomegranate trees on the property.   This is another tree that ripens at various times.   There are larger ones and smaller ones.  

Sapote or Mexican Apple Trees.   This is a very unusual fruit  -  The fruit is an ovoid drupe, 5–10 cm in diameter, with a thin, inedible skin turning from green to yellow when ripe, and an edible pulp, which can range in flavor from bland to banana-like to peach to pear to vanillaflan   The pulp can be creamy-white in green skin varieties or a beige-yellow in yellow skin varieties and has a smooth texture similar to ripe avocado. It contains from one to five seeds that are said to have narcotic properties.  Several recent in vitro studies have shown that zapotin has potential anti-carcinogenic effects against isolated colon cancer cells.  Eating the fruit has long been known to produce drowsiness.   There is one tree on the property its a very large tree. 

This is a grapefruit tree that produces a nice pink grapefruit that will grow quite large.

Macadamia nut.  This is what little macadamia nuts look like before they grow larger.   There is one tree and the squirrels love em.  We generally don't get any because they are all gone by the time they are ripe.

Finally- some persimmons that are starting to grow in size.  These are very young and will be mature around October.