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Monday, May 11, 2015

Hapeman Ranch - Before and After!

Hapeman Ranch is  where Fox Farm is located and where i am growing my vegetables and tending the orchard.   The property is a true urban farm and its surrounded by houses on all 4 sides.   Its a 2.5 acre ranch, orchard, and farm stuck in between housing developments.

There was a 5 acre parcel beside Hapeman Ranch, and was a chicken ranch.   The property was sold to a developer who promptly built houses.

Here is a picture of the corral before the housing tract was built

And here is a picture of the corral and housing built by the developer.  The walnut tree is still (now surrounded by white corral fencing) there as are the Pear Cactus towards the back of the corral where the white fence meets the block wall..    There was a nice view of the mountains in the distance.