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Monday, February 16, 2015

Tomato Planting Seminar and Workshop at Fox Farm

I held a tomato planting and growing workshop at my farm.   The events was also co-sponsored by the Riverside Food Cooperative and Tequesquite Community Garden.   We were expecting 20-30 people but were very surprised by the turnout.   There were over 80 people who arrived to tour the farm and plant tomatoes.   Everyone go to plant a 6 pack of peat pots with different kinds of heirloom tomato seeds.   Hopefully they learned alot and got them all to sprout.  I envisioned something a little more intimate and being able to help everyone who had a question.  I wasn't able to get to all the people who were there or answer all the questions.  I will have additional posts on my blog on growing tomatoes.     Here are some pictures of the fun event.

Here are a couple pictures of tours - of the orchard and vegetable growing area.

We had Pat Silvestri speak about the Tequesquite Community Garden and the importance of community gardens.  There are 4-5 open plots if your in Riverside and would like to grow some vegetables.    The cost if $50.00 per year which includes water.  Some pictures of him speaking while I hold a map of the Ryan Bonaminio Park where the community garden is located. The park is named after Riverside Police Officer Ryan Bonaminio who was chasing a stolen truck suspect and slipped on a wet sidewalk.  The suspect took his gun and executed him before he get up.   Its a really large and beautiful park.

Here is Maune Vaca speaking about the Riverside Food Cooperative and explaining what a cooperative does.   The Cooperative was at 99 members - but gained 4 more during the seminar, so they considered a great success.  

Here I am speaking to the group about tomatoes and the importance of preserving small farms in Riverside and also the Inland Empire.

Finally pictures of everyone planting tomatoes and having a good time.