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Saturday, February 14, 2015

San Bernardino Ring Neck Snake

I was moving some boards around and saw a little snake dart out.   It looked like a baby snake of some kind.   It was a olive green, and a bright orange band right behind its head.   When it was threatened.  It rolled the end of its tail into a bright orange ball - showing its underside which looked to be orange.   I looked it up when I got home and found out what is was.  Its' a San Bernardino Ring Necked snake.  They are harmless to humans, and prey on salamanders, lizards, and worms.  It has a venom which paralyzes its prey before eating it.   I am happy to see a wide variety of wildlife on my farm.     Here are some pictures of then snake.  Note how it curls up its tail and hides its head.  I am assuming its to distract the predator from its head.  I guess its better to have something bite of your tail instead of your head.  I released it after taking the pictures.