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Monday, December 8, 2014

Winter Plant Sale 12-13-14

I am having my plant sale this upcoming Saturday - on 12-13-14.   This is the first year I have grown seedlings for a winter plant sale.   Here in Southern California, you can grow vegetables all year long, but your limited to cool weather vegetables.  These are vegetables that you would grow in the fall or early spring in the colder parts of the country and include cabbage, beets, carrots, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, celery - etc.  
My mother is also busy making Apple Pies and Cinnamon Rolls to sell during the sale.

25% of the proceeds will be donated to a couple community gardens in Riverside CA.
Community gardens are very important to communities  because they allow people in urban environments to learn the joy of growing their own food.

One is the Tequesquite Community Garden  which I am a member.   This community garden is 2-3 years old

Their facebook page is

The other one is the community garden at Riverside Community College.   They have a smaller community 
garden on the campus in the heart of Riverside.

The Riverside Food Cooperative will also have a representative at the plant sale to speak to people about
the benefits of a food cooperative membership.   Their facebook page is:

Their website is

Here is the flyer!