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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Plant Sale - Pie Sale Update

We held the plant sale and pie sale today.   My mother baked 4 pans of cinnamon rolls and 17 apple pies.  We sold most of the cinnamon rolls and 12 of the apple pies.

The plant sale went well.  This is my first winter plant sale.   Traffic was much lighter than my spring plant sale.  I think most people aren't thinking about planting a garden at the start of winter, but ironically, its the best time to grow some vegetables in Southern California.   Winter is the best time to grow peas,  cabbages, carrots and beets.   They appreciate the cool nights (low 50's) and moderate sunny days  (60's-70's).  

Whatever is left will be planted at my farm and grow into vegetables to sell.

Here's a picture of my mother and a Nick - a representative of the Riverside Food Coop at her "pie table"

Here's a picture of Sue Struthers, a representative of the Riverside Food Coop.   They were talking to customers about the benefits of joining a cooperative.   The cooperative is a group of consumers who are interested in locally grown produce, and want to open a cooperative store in Riverside for members to buy produce.