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Thursday, December 11, 2014

More Rain coming - Finally - a wet winter!

We are in the midst of a severe drought in California and really only had a couple inches the last rainy season.   We had a nice rain last week and have another storm coming tonight - with at least another inch expected.   We need the rain and I won't have to water my garden and fill the pond at the farm which will save me money.

The cost of watering in Southern California has  forced a lot of farmers out of business.    There are grower south of Riverside that are letting their Avocado orchards die rather than pay for water, so we are very appreciative of the rain.

We had a 1.5 inches so far this month and it looks like we got another 1.5 to 2 inches of rain.  That is all the rain that we received the entire rainy season least year - (6 months).

Here is the orchard today after the storm moved on - showing how wet it is.   The trees will all get a good soaking which is appreciated.

The last picture is the storm clouds north of me.   You can see the rain falling from the clouds.