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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Watering plants where it doesn't rain - Aquaponics to the rescue.

We are in the midst of a drought in Southern California and received very little rain, so everything needs to be watered.     The spot where I have planted my plants, has a large pond stocked with fish.  The owner drains the pond weekly and waters her orchard with the waste water from the pond.   The water is brown and has a slight fish odor which means its full of nutrients for the trees.  I created furrows between the rows to flood my plants when she waters this way.  This won't work for the raised beds, but the stuff that's planted in the ground will benefit.  Its a large scale method of Aquaponics.
Here's a picture of the output column.  These are commonly used in orange groves.  I dug canals to each of my rows and they got a very good soaking.  This beats using city water for my plants.