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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dahlias - The Great Divide.

I received a shipment of Dahlia's on friday and set about dividing them.   I received 10 of 4 different varieties.     I decided to divide them before planting to get more plants to sell next year.    I watched a lot of videos and read quite a lot on the subject, but was still concerned that I would hurt them.   It turned out - it was quite easy.   I divided most into 3-5 plants and one was so big - I got 5 divisions out of it.   That's assuming that I can spot the eyes.   The key is to have at least part of the stem attached or base of the stem.  That is where the eyes will sprout.  There were numerous tubers that were broke off and they didn't have any eyes.  Toss them - they will not grow - only rot in the soil attracting bugs that will attack your healthy dahlias after their done eating the dead tubers.   Here are some pics before and after the split, along with the varieties that I will be planting.