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Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Battle of the Rabbits - aka - The Rabbit Apocolypse!

I have been having an awful problem with rabbits.    As anyone who grows vegetables will tell you, rabbits love to eat and will eat everything if not kept in check.   I planted 1000 lettuce plants and they ate them all over a week.   They also ate 200 feet of pea plants down to the ground.   They also ate the trays of plants that I worked hard to plant and grow.     Here are some pictures of the damage.

There are quite a few rabbits on the farm.   They come from the neighbors who have a big back yard that is full of weeds.   There are holes in the wood fence.  They may also come from the river bottom which at at the back of the farm.   Here a picture of one of them out during the day.   They are so common, that it hopped right by the chicken and the chickens are so used to them, it didn't even react.

I don't really mind them on the farm as they keep the weeds down.   The problem is they spend all night eating in the vegetable growing portion of the farm.  I am fine with mother nature taking some of the plants.   I consider it tithing.   But instead of taking 10% and leaving the rest for me, they take 90% of the plants.   The vegetable growing area is surrounded by a horse corral with some fencing, but they crawl right through.    I stopped planting until I can get the rabbits under control.   I decided to enclose the entire 1/3 acre corral fence with rabbit fencing at the bottom.  Rabbit fencing is very narrow at the bottom so they can't crawl through.   Here's some picture of the regular fence and the rabbit fencing attached.   If this doesn't work, I'm not sure what to do.