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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Compost - A vital component of my farm!

I used to use compost sparingly because a cubic yard would cost around $30.00 which is about enough to fill my Ford Ranger truck bed.     Burrtec waste management has started composting the green waste that they pick up in our green trash cans.     They make really nice compost that is certified by the National Compost Council.   They make compost in long covered rows.  These are pictures of their compost rows in the Fontana, CA facility.

After the composting process, they screen it through a 3/8 inch screen and dump it in a big pile for sale to the public.   Here is a picture of a large pile of compost available for sale.

They charge $8.00 a cubic yard which fills up my truck bed.      

I utilize the compost covering up the rows with a thick layer of compost to keep moisture in the soil and cover up weed seeds keeping them from germinating.    This is the "back to eden" growing method.  I plant the transplanted seeds into the layer of compost, and the roots go down into the soil below the compost.    The compost also nourishes the soil because when it rains, it provides compost "tea" to leach down into the soil.  This is the 2nd layer of compost I have placed on the rows and I have noticed the soil is much better with a very healthy earthworm population.   I have stopped tilling the compost into the soil and rely on earthworms in moving the compost down in the soil.   Here are images of the rows.  One shows a row with the start of the row and with the row all spread out.   I then place the irrigation drip lines down the row.