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Thursday, June 25, 2015

School Tour of the Farm - Riverside Reach Leadership Academy

I hosted a school tour the other day at the farm.   The Reach Leadership Academy of Riverside visited the farm.  It was the 3rd and 4th grade class of this stem charter school walked from the school a few block away for a tour and lunch.     The website for the school is www.

My farm helper - Sarah, who also a teacher put out the posters on the farm highlighting all of the animals and birds that live on the property.  She also prepared a little lesson planting vegetables and farming.

Here the class is participating in a planting class with Sarah.   She was showing them how to plant squash and let some of the students plant also.  

 I also gave them a class on compost and spoke about what items are used to make compost.   They were bugging me to "help farm" and wanted to know what they could pick.   Most of the fruit isn't ready yet.   But my grapefruit trees are full of fruit, so I told them they could pick one grapefruit and the one who picked the biggest grapefruit - would win a dollar.   Chaos ensued, to say the least.
Here are pictures of them showing off their grapefruit after the picking party.

I announced that Sarah would be the judge and pick the winner.   She was swarmed by kids holding their grapefruit.     She actually picked a winner.  Thankfully - she is very patient.

Finally,  they sat around the pond and had their lunch.   We also fed the catfish in the pond so they could see some fish.   Some of the boys found a dead catfish and were more intrigued by that than the live catfish.