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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Grow Riverside Farm to Table Dinners in the Grove Pictures

These pictures were taken by the City photographer of the recent Farm to Fork event held at my farm.

Here are some pictures of the guest who were touring the farm and milling around the most popular spot - The Bar!

Here are pictures of the tables along with my landlord, the owner of the farm - Lana Hapeman - inspecting the tables.

Here's a picture of the Riverside City Councilman - Chris McArthur and Mike Gardner speaking to the group before the dinner started.

Here is a picture of Robert Puro - founder of seedstock and also created the upcoming Grow Riverside Conference.   He is speaking to the group about Grow Riverside.

Here's a picture of Steve Massa.  He is on staff at the City of Riverside Economic Development office.   He is responsible for supporting agriculture in the City of Riverside.

Finally - the food!

Here is a image of the appetizers.   They were made with roasted tomatoes and topped with goat cheese

Here's an image of a bowl of roasted vegetables which included some from my farm.
Following that is a image of the Sangria pitchers

Some pictures of the diners enjoying the feast!

Finally, a image of Rodney Taylor.  He is the director of RUSD - Riverside Unified School District nutrition services.    His department prepares meals every day for 43,000 students and delivered to 31 schools across the district.  His team prepared the dinner for this event.